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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing our products.
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Fytocell has been developed to be used as 100% hydroponic growing media on its’ own, but can be mixed with all sorts of other growing media e.g. perlite, stone wool, coir, peat and even clay balls.
Fytocell will work fantastic in a dripper or hand watered run to waste system.
Absolutely. Either in a dripper, or ebb and flow recirculating system.
Your potted plants will flourish on less water, with less heat stress, when you add Fytocell. Local authorities have benefitted in using Fytocell in their hanging baskets, since it will save not only water, but also the number of watering rounds, which saves labour.
Yes, Fytocell is ideal for your green walls, the water saving characteristics of the Fytocell and the excellent strong root growth will assist in keeping your walls in fantastic condition. Along with this due to it's low bulk density it is extremely lightweight.
No. Fytocell always retains air space within it’s foam structure, preventing water-logging and rotting of plant roots. This air space also reduces soil compaction in the root zone.
Yes. Fytocell breaks down into carbon and nitrogen in the soil over a 20 year period. Because it is sterile and inert, Fytocell will not change the chemical balance (eg. the pH) of your soil. Fytocell is also perfectly safe to use in your vegetable garden.
For best results, use 1 part Fytocell to 2 parts soil or potting mix. Always blend thoroughly.
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